Optimize your Business Accounts with the e-conomic Accounting Computer software

If you are still using obsolete accounting software programs that is not just limited by functionality as well as accessibility, but also costs a huge amount to operate, then you need to open up your eyes to the latest in technology. What you need is e-conomic, an on line cloud-based accounting software program which has fairly quickly become Europes biggest selling online accounting software.

e-conomic is a very user-friendly and pocket-friendly cloud accounting software released by way of Denmark-based company e-conomic international a/s. The company has a very strong presence in Europe together with offices in Sweden, Finland, the UK, Spain, Spain, Germany, and Norway, amongst others.

This well-performing accounting computer software happens to be utilized by more than 100, 000 companies located all around the globe. The program is suitable for any Pc or even Mac which has a web connection irrespective of its position on the planet. You’ll be able to therefore enhance your company accounts by means of not only inputting data from virtually any site, but can extract detailed reports from any place you desire.

You can choose between 2 options available from e-conomic. If your business is small then you can choose the Small version that enables up to 4, 000 transactions each year. For your larger requirements, you can select the Standard variation that allows endless transactions each year. You’ll be automatically upgraded from Small to Standard when your company needs grow and so you don’t have to worry about originally selecting the Small option.

The e-conomic on-line accounting computer software converts a lot of regular accounting entries directly into automatic ones and also offers automated bank reconciliation. In addition, a host of free of cost as well as paid add-ons and applications allow you to integrate this innovative accounting software with payroll, your e-commerce website, different IT systems employed by your company, CRM software, and many other kinds of computer software. You can therefore prevent data duplication as well as acquire an entire overview of your business at your fingertips as soon as you choose this cloud-based accounting computer software.

Whats even more, you’ll get customer care at a 24/7 basis by means of telephone, e mail, help videos, presentations, blogs, and running forums with their e-copedia support feature. Additionally you can be sure that your own financial data is completely secure since e-conomic has tied up with Fujitsu to store all of the data at TWO different locations and provide guaranteed 99. 9% system availability. Fujitsus servers happen to be protected by tough firewalls and possess 128-bit SSL encryption.

The wide range of functions and add-ons offered by e-conomic has transformed this specific computer software into Europes most significant on-line accounting computer software and the company humbly boasts of happy customers including KPMG, Ernst & Young, IBDO, Deloitte, RSM Tenon, and also pwc, amongst thousands of others. Click Here for more info. www.iwantthemoney.com

So why limit your business accounting to some Computers or Mac pcs with restricted functionality when you can opt for extremely versatile and trusted on-line accounting software that currently services well over 100, 000 happy clients? You should make sure that you take the two Week Free Trial offered by e-conomic in order to explore all features provided by this dynamic accounting software. You will certainly manage to optimize your business accounts with the e-conomic cloud-based accounting software.