Running A Blog – Should I Host My Own Personal Blog On My Very Own Domain

With regards to blogging you’re going to discover that many folks have finally recognized this is often an excellent way to start earning money on the internet. One thing that individuals have trouble with when they decide to start a blog is trying to determine if they should generate their own blog or they ought to use one of the free services that are available. The reality of the matter is that there are free blogging platforms which you should never use and some you can use. For individuals trying to make this choice you will discover that we are going over the pros and cons of the different blogging platforms.

The very first option you have for setting up one of the free blogs is to utilize the Word Press website and create a blog with them. As you can imagine because this is free it makes it very popular, and you’re also going to see that Google loves this website so that will help you generate traffic. Needless to say one of the main drawbacks of using this platform is that Word Press can wind up canceling your blog at any time for any reason they want. Word press does not allow individuals to use their platform as a method to send individuals from their site to another web site, which is why people’s accounts get canceled.

Quite a lot of you have most likely already heard of Blogger and you will also find out that this is actually a blogging platform that is owned by Google. This is also a platform you can utilize entirely for free and Google is not as temperamental when it comes to deleting people’s accounts. Another great thing relating to this program is that you can easily integrate Google AdSense and you can also feel free to market affiliate products. While google is not ordinarily that picky in relation to deleting blogs, it does happen, but this is a far better choice than using Word Press for making cash.

The last alternative you have is to create your own blog on your very own domain name as you will never need to worry about this being canceled since you own it. There are lots of plug in’s available for a blog and you’re going to see that the free blog platforms will not allow you to add these plug in’s but if you own your own blog you are able to. Another benefit of this is that you can in fact have access to other themes that won’t be available if you select one of the free options.

By this point I’m sure you understand that hosting your own blog will actually be a better option than choosing one of the free blog platforms. When you put in a lot of work setting up your blog and adding content the last thing you want is to have this blog canceled or deleted by the service you are using, which is why your own blog is your best choice. Click Here for my besttips.