Going through second-hand bookshops Melbourne

Second hand bookshops Melbourne are in plenty and every book enthusiast knows that whenever they are simply on a shoestring or limited budget, there is nothing as good as giving in to a quiet leisurely time along with a favorite books24-7.com book. This is when going through second-hand bookshops are just the thing! Browsing through dozens of exciting books in the local bookstore is really a big temptation to a bookworm and the excitement associated with sifting through publications is certainly unbeatable.

Melbourne has its share of pre-owned bookshops and also suburbs have a large array of bookshops which are filled with books of every type. This makes it simple enough for a book fan for getting his/her hands on desired titles as well as best selling books for very good rates.

Some of the best loved second hand bookshops Melbourne happen to be City Basement Books (known as CBD) that is a veritable haven for the booklover who can wander leisurely over thousands of books; Book Affair which stocks a wide range of books; Alices Bookshop which is situated in North Carlton that has antiquarian books and Carlton Secondhand Books in Swanston Street whose stocks of books is a treasure trove.

Virtually no booklover will be able to refrain from spending a few hours at a secondhand bookshop. The best element of shopping at these shops is the fact that you aren’t actually sure of the kind of book you would like to pick up and therefore are eventually thrilled as well as thrilled at the books you finally come across! The truth is that numerous booklovers who pay a visit to these second-hand shops find themselves choosing a book just because they fell in love with the particular cover!

Since one cannot deny the fact that whiling away ones time in the second hand bookshop delivers great pleasure it is essential to know a few of Melbournes great second hand bookshops. Bookhouse in Fitzroy street has been functioning for the last 21 years and has fine twentieth century literary works, childrens books, cookery titles etc. One of the best factors for any book enthusiast would be to find small mementoes which have been left behind like cards, letters, photos, pressed flowers, etc – in most of these used books! The owner of this particular shop Mr. Ben Kemp is known to leave these behind for the next/new owner to find and inherit!

Second Edition on Glenferrie Rd, carries top quality second hand books, vinyl records and antique publications. Booktalk Bookstore & Caf on Swan St was among the very first stores in Australia which had a good cafe as well! This shop offers more than 12,000 second hand books and offers a book-exchange program. Sybers Books in 38 Chapel St focuses on the unusual, peculiar stuff that is generally difficult to find anywhere else. Right from crime, sci-fi and literary works to medical textbooks and also biographies they’ve got everything!

Second hand bookshops Melbourne like Sainsburys Books on 534 Riversdale Road, Camberwell has more than 20,000 books that are dedicated to the arts and photography. Books for Cooks in Fitzroy cater to chefs since they have got a wonderful range of cooking books. Lastly, McLeods which happens to be one of Melbournes earliest bookshop is a must-visit with more than 35,000 books.